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This is a serious business opportunity for the people having zeal to excel in their lives and excel through this business opportunity and a drive to make additional income. We will provide training, training kits plus support to help our Franchisees achieve their goals, It’s like a small investment for starting a business.

  • Academic Qualification is not a barrier.
  • You can operate from any part of India or even from your home.
  • Your only requirement is the passion to make it big with your hard work.
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    Why should become a Maxim Franchisee?

    Any Franchisee with a minimal business operational acumen can earn more than Rs. 8 lakh per annum* (monthly 50,000/- to 80,000/-) and the residual income possibilities from this business are immense.

    Become a Franchisee:

    To be associated with a big brand like Maxim Solutions all you need to do is sign up a legal contract with us and also fulfill the minimum requirements as mentioned below:

    Infra-structure & Manpower (Minimum)
    • One Staff Member
    • Office
    • Computer
    • Internet

    How does a Franchisee work?

    The Maxim Franchisee gives you an opportunity to earn upto six figures per annum and this for even a person with basic qualification or no experience but with only a passion to succeed in life.

    You earn money by :

    Data Collection

    Get Customers to advertise through Promotional Listing
    Get Customers to Sale through Products and Services
    • Data Collection
      On every unique data * provided by you to Maxim Solutions you get paid upto Rs.5/-. * Any shop / establishment information which is not there in the Maxim Solutions records / website is an Unique Data for Maxim Solutions. For every data that you provide to Maxim Solutions

    • Get Customers to advertise through Promotional listing
      Every Promotional Listing costs Rs.599/- to 49999/- which is the Registration & Advertisement charge. (Service tax applicable)
      Maxim Solutions pays commission of (25% to 70%) of all promotional listing and advertisement booking to the Franchisee.

    • Get Customers to Sale through Product and Services
      Franchisee can earn by selling maxim various products and services as mention above. As website development, software development, SEO, Bulk SMS marketing

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    Estimated Franchisee Revenue

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